A blue and white censor band indicates that a letter has been intercepted by the government censorship service. The envelope is opened, the contents examined and, if necessary, censored. The envelope is then resealed using this strip. It is 30 mm high. Continuously printed, the motif is repeated every 83 mm, with the colors reversed. A bit like a checkerboard.

The text is bilingual. In Chinese in the white rectangular part and the blue half-circle. In Japanese in the blue rectangular part and the white half-circle.

The Chinese characters translate as follows:


(Jian Kai Qi)

"Opened and verified completely"


(Man Zhou Di Guo You Zheng Zong Ju)

"Central post of the Manchu Empire"


(Yi Lin Shi You Bian Qu Di Fa Di San Tiao)

"According to the 3rd clause of the temporary postal ban law"

Bande de censure Manchoue

Manchukuo censor tape